Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A hint of cabin fever

Okay, so I've been doing some creeping on all these craft blogs and finally caved in to making my own. Remember, I've new to all of this, so bear (argh!) with me. I'll add a hodgpodge of my stuff, from sewing to baking to my new circut obsession of cards. Hope you enjoy :] Here are my first few cricut projects, and I honestly don't know the names of the papers or stamps so I appologize in advance. But I'll do my best to answer any questions :)

Here's some of my favorites so far:
I just loved this hedgehog and had to use him. I added the flowers and hot-glued a button in the center. A little stamping and ribbon to finish it up!

This one is for the same person as the hedgehog. One of my favorite friends in the whole world! She and her fiance just moved into their first house, so here's to that!

This Christmas card was one of my very first cricut cards. I used the Popurri cartridge for the sleigh, reindeer, wreath, AND peace. Talk about a great deal :]  I love making window cards like this!

Mmmkay, one of my all time favorites right here!! And I had just the friend in mind for this one : ) I was so ecstactic to get my Create-a-Critter cartridge, and more thrilled to have only paid $16.95 on the website! This little guy includes the green paper with the glitter green dots printed on it. I made him a lilly-pad, added ribbon, and a simple stamp and pop-ups. Love!

This one was made on the same day as the frog and hedgehog. Can ya tell?! Again, addicted to my create-a-critter! And those cute darn flowers and buttons are my weakness. I used my cuttlebug to emboss the pink paper in the background to give it a little extra flair. The Hello is just accented with some button- stickers. $.50 for a 25 set pack on sale a Jo-Ann's. I'm a sucker for these $2.00 and under deals. Most of my stamps are bought that way :]

Lastly, this little guy (take a guess which cartridge!) was for my newphew's 4th birthday. Rawr!


  1. You would make that frog! That is totally you! And I love the dino - that is seriously the perfect cut for little boys.

    Love you!!!!

  2. Love the hedgehog and the frog. Cute cards!