Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thank You for Being You!

First and foremost- I promise to post more often! It's been a busy week. I just got back from visiting Tucson! It was so nice to get away, and escape the cold! Me and the boyfriend went to the zoo while down there, and I saw the zebras- for the first time ever! Well, maybe when I was really small, but I don't remember!! Which reminded me that I made this card a few weeks ago and NEVER posted it!! So here it is...
I made this at my grandmother's house a few weeks ago. She has thousands of paper crafting sentiments,paper, and tools! (She worked a craft store for a few years, so you can imagine!) I used  her stamp - and used silver embossing powder for it. I love my heat embosser! but I'm having some trouble getting all the powder off the extra areas, so in the close up you'll see some speckles! But I'm working on it :]
 I stamped the background and used the cuttlebug paisley for the purple paper. Of course this little cutie was cute from the create a critter. I SWEAR I make cards without this cartridge! I just seem to only post these ones! More variety to come- promise!
So I added a brad and tiny flowers for her hair, rather than cut the accessory flower she came with. I brushed on some white pearl chalk on the black layer to give her a bit of pizazze.
Happy Washinton's Birthday!!


  1. Hi Rachel,
    thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment, this card is super cute, I have a little tip for you so you don't get all those littl specks, I use a dryer sheet, and rub it on my paper before I stamp the image, then I stamp, shake off the excess and emboss, it usually works, I hope this works for you....

  2. Cute! Love the flowers in her hair. Ah!

  3. You should post more often your card is adorable!