Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer is ALMOST here!

Only 8 days of school left! The kids are so ready to be done, it makes teachers want it to be over even faster. Plus it's finally getting warm here! Acutally, it was absolutely disgustingly hot today... but I loved it :]
So warmer weather means...

BASEBALL! Which, unfortunately, as awesome as the Tribe is doing, every game I've been to we have lost. I'm convinced I'm the bad luck charm.

Grady is in here somewhere... :]

Downtown Cleveland

But I'm sure I'll still be going to many more. In other news- I've uploaded tons of projects to share on here! I decided to start with my fabric daisies. I've wanted to post these for months now. I'm such a procrastinator...
These flowers are simply and very versitile. The could be placed on a t shirt, headband, purse, etc.
I actually came across a youtube video that showed how to make these months ago, and finally gave it a try with my own spin on it.
Start by taking a 3 in circle (or smaller or bigger, depending on the size you'd like)
And cut about 5-6 out of fabric. Then, make a slit cut halfway up the center of each one:

Then, starting at the slit, fold the side up, making a triangle. Then, flip it over and fold again.
Continue folding the fabric into an acordion, back and forth and back and forth.

Until you go around the entire circle, and it looks like this:

This is the first petal. Take a needle and thread and tack it together at the tip. You will make the rest of the petals and sew them all together to make a circle of petals.
(I use one long piece of thread and slide each petal on the same continuous thread line, then pull it tight to make them form a circle)

Then add a button or piece of felt in the middle.
You can attach the flowers to basically anything imaginable. I put one on a headband

Hope you enjoy! Share your ideas on fabric flowers- there are soo many different ways to make them!

<3 Rae

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