Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting Settled, and some re-upholstering

We drove for three days. The drive surprisingly wasn't so bad. I was pretty sure I would go crazy along the way... I'm still not sure how I didn't.
When we got here, we only had the few necessities we were able to cram into my little Malibu- being our pots and pans, pillows, blanket, a Pyrex set, my sewing machine (that was a MUST), some silverware and toiletries. And clothes. We were told the moving company would have our stuff here in a week.
First dinner together in our new place! (No table yet)
But for any of you who are familiar with the military, you things are rarely as they say.

our sleeping arrangements

yes, that is a broken dresser mirror... :(
So FOUR weeks later, we finally get our things. Yes, FOUR weeks of sleeping on the the ground, not having a couch, or lamps, or laundry baskets, or basically any of the things we typically take for granted. But it left us with some fun memories and learning to be like MacGyver.
Alas! The crafting can resume!
So my first project was to re-upholster our dinning room chairs. The set was given to us from my hubby's parents. It was his dad's mother's set, and the seats were already re-upholster once. In some AWESOME 70's style fabric.

So I went to Hobby Lobby, got some fabric, and a staple gun, and went to work.
I had some extra fabric and decided to make a place mat for the center. I added brown lace to the edges to give it texture and flair.

Sorry I don't have a close-up.  I love the end results! Even the Mr. liked the fabric and place mat. And I couldn't pass up the wall decor from Hobby Lobby. I'm in a lot of trouble having one only a few miles away! (Compared to 40 mins away at home)
Have a great week :)

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