Friday, October 19, 2012

Joy Fold Card

The other day I came across the joy-fold card, and decided I had to give it a whirl. It was so easy for such a unique looking card. If you've never made one,  it's basically one card with a second placed inside, but backwards. That probably doesn't make sense, so check out the second photo for the visual clarification :)

I apologize, because I made this weeks ago and don't remember the measurements I used for each card. BUT just google or youtube "joy-fold card" and many, MANY tutorials will show up.
I wanted to do a quick and simple card, so I just grabbed a stamp and used some gel pens to color it in. The yellow buttons on the left are attached using pop up dots, which helps the front card flap stay closed. You can experiment with different objects to help keep your card closed. I tried decorative paper clips but didn't like the clutter. As long as it has height so the card can slide under it and stay shut.
Yet, unique.
The last few days I've been busy making things for my nieces 4th birthday. She's obsessed with the Disney movie Brave, so naturally that is her theme. I just finished her banner tonight. I'll have pictures and a post on that next :]

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