Sunday, April 17, 2011


A very special 5 year old had a birthday this past week. His party theme was Pirates, and it was perfect considering the location- at a community recreation center where there was an indoor pool area with a giant pirate ship!! The kids had a blast :) My nephew (the birthday boy) always comes over and asks to make something in my craft room. He loves using the cricut (he gets to push all the buttons) and he is a cuttlebug embossing maniac! I figure I should enjoy this while he's young before he grows out of it. But, because he loves making things with me, I had to think of a very special way to make him a card.

So this is it! I love the final outcome. It's hard to begin when you have so many different things to use. The pirate ship is from PPDU. I used Create a Critter for the water- (well, it was inspiration, I altered it a bit, but it gave me a nice wave outline for the top of the water) and the font is from that as well.

I added some pop dots to give it layers- like it is actually sailing through the water. He loved it! His exact reaction... "Woahhh cool!"  He also got two new leapster games. A starwars reading one, and an xmen geography one. :]
Here's to a short week! Four days to go and then I get to go back and visit my bff Jillian!


  1. Oh my gosh! I love this card, it is so cute!!!!! And yes - 4 days!!

  2. That is a fantastic card. Great job. I love all the dimension and that pirate ship is amazing!

  3. This card is so totally awesome... something any little boy would love. I am passing on the Liebster award for your blog. Check it out.