Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flower Ball!

So, as many of you are already followers of my favoritest friend Jill @Jillianbean Crafts, you may have seen this already. I'm a bit of a procrastinator, and she is WELL aware of this, after living with me for a year in a tiny tiny dorm room.
However, here it is. We made some flower balls! There really is no other way to describe them. A stytrofoam ball covered with paper flowers, held together with some sewing pins! So easy and versitile! They can be hung with string or fishing wire, used as floral decorations, or just some cool book shelf decor! I must say that this is not an orginal idea, I saw someone do this in my early blog- stalking days and can't remember where I first saw this idea. I just loved it, and couldn't wait to actually try it!

The flowers are cut from Create a Critter at 1", 11/2", and  13/4 inch. You can alter the sizes as you wish! Some of the purple background flowers are cuttlebug embossed with swiss dots. It's a simple project, great to do while watching tv or to pass some time!!


  1. Cute flower ball...thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I am now a follower of yours too:)
    Sherrie k